Zinc Powder Conveyor System

Zinc Powder Conveyor SystemAFC system designed to convey zinc powder having a bulk density of 157 lbs. per cubic foot at a controllable rate of up to 24 cubic feet per hour. Material is loaded into the AFC Model #25R(HD)-25 (2 ½” diameter x 25 feet long) heavy duty series conveyor via a special 8.5 portable “Flow Free” surge hopper with 8″ diameter flow control butterfly valve.

The surge hopper is positioned directly above the AFC 8.5 True Flow hopper and connected via a flexible sleeve to insure a dust tight interface. An exhaust sock is provided to address the air displacement during loading.

The zinc powder is conveyed at a 45 degree angle to an elevation of 18′ 6″ to an existing 60″ diameter vibratory screener. A variable frequency drive is utilized to control the feed rate to the screener. The AFC True Flow hopper incorporates a low level switch and pneumatic vibrator.

The AFC system incorporates an explosion-proof drive and with Nema-4/12 controls which are remotely mounted. Both drive and controls are “Atex Approved”.

AFC provided a total conveying system including all controls and drive support mast. We have a number of systems for this US based company with this most recent system currently in operation in Ireland.

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