Why Choose a Flexible Screw Conveyor over Pneumatic or Vacuum?

If you need a flexible screw conveyor, our Spiralfeeder will improve your process and increase your productivity.
AFC Flexible conveyor system

If you’re looking for a superior alternative to vacuum or pneumatic conveying, our Hi-Flo Conveyor is the solution for you.
AFC Hi-Flo conveyor system


A flexible auger conveyor is a cost-effective alternative to expensive pneumatic or vacuum conveying systems. Screw conveyors can move a wide variety of materials at up to 25 tons/hour for distances of up to 50 feet – and greater distances can be achieved by connecting multiple conveyors in tandem or series.


Flexible screw conveyors require little routine maintenance, unlike vacuum or pneumatic systems which need frequent tune-ups to maintain efficiency.

Inherent Simplicity

An auger conveyor is much simpler than a pneumatic or vacuum system – this means a low initial cost, quick installation, and easy maintenance. Portable units are also available for multi-purpose operations.

Long Life Expectancy

Wear and tear is only an issue for conveying high-abrasion products – otherwise, life expectancy is almost indefinite. Tubes and screws are easily replaced at a reasonable cost. Flexible screw conveyors are designed to operate when full, but they can be easily emptied at the end of a shift by removing an end cap and running the conveyor in reverse.

No Filter Needed

Vacuum conveying systems require a filter to separate dust from your product. Our flexible screw conveyors keep your materials clean with no filtration needed.

Curve Around Existing Infrastructure

These flexible screw conveyors can be curved around pre-existing obstacles in your facility, reducing the need to re-engineer your operations. Our flexible auger conveyors consist of a stainless steel or heat-treated carbon steel screw which rotates within an ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene food grade tube. Usually, the spiral has a round cross section but a flat or beveled edge can be used for fine, cohesive, or easily smeared materials.

Uses for a Flexible Screw Conveyor

We recommend a flexible auger conveyor for powdered, granular, flaked, and blended materials with a density of up to 150 lbs/ft3. AFC Solutions can provide a variable speed control for rate sensitive operations such as screeners and grinders. Flexible screw conveyors are ideal for

  • Bag or drum dumping operations
  • Bulk bag loading and unloading
  • Batch loading operations
  • Refilling packaging equipment.